Keep It Simple ;Day 44

Keep It Simple

Before anyone cries in disgust about how short my tunic is.. I can assure you that I am wearing shorts underneath! Promise!!

I couldn't even bring myself to wear clothes for work when I knew the weather was sizzling this morning. So I literally wore as little as I possibly/legally could.

I bought this tunic a while back in a sale for at around £3?! I couldn't remember which store though but it's such a simple design I'm sure it's available on any high street. The back of the tunic is also longer than the front, which gave me a little more dignity and covered by bum. 

The world does not want to be greeted by such a sight!!

Obviously because of the length of my tunic I wore a pair of short denim shorts just in case the wind picked up or I bent over a little too far. I'm a little conscious when it comes to flashing by accident or wearing too short dresses!!

As I looked like I was just wearing an over-sized tank top, I decided to add a little splash of gold to make my outfit move away from 'bland'.

If you've read previous posts from my blog I'm sure you will recognize this bad boy. It is becoming quite a familiar one to be featured in my posts but I just think it's so diverse for any outfit or occasion.

I also wore a bangle that sits just above the wrist? I love jewellery that sits in unusual places such as midi-rings, arm bands, ear cuffs etc. The bangle also reminded me of the jewellery from Eastern culture. I think places like India have some beautiful statement pieces that have such incredible detail to them. Egypt is another country where a lot of the current trend jewellery is inspired by!

 Of course I added my famous red lip stick!! I also wore my classic black sandals, which I've mentioned previously in a lot of my posts (I didn't think you wanted another picture of my feet on this blog!) and I brought my black satchel along for the day!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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