Housewife Blouse ;Day 48

Housewife Blouse


I promised in a previous post that I will not be beaten by my flatform's. I have stuck to that promise... therefore drastic actions were taken.

 Out came the plasters!!

.. lot's of them. This was the only way I could actually bare to even slip these onto my feet. Urgh, the pain we go through for a cute pair of shoes! But this time I enjoyed wearing them out and about rather than worrying if the backs of them would cut through a ligament or something seeing as they're so uncomfortable.

After reading the reviews online on the Topshop website I found out I was not the only one experiencing this problem. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! .. Apparently they do break in eventually. Keep persevering! 

First world problems. Hardly of any importance?!

Moving on.. My housewife's blouse? Just a little summin' summin' that I picked up from good old Topshop a few months ago. Perfect for the British summer and so elegant don't you think?! It reminded me of a similar style one my Granny owned but that's not a bad thing. A lot of the blouses and shirts that were popular in our Grandparent's hay day's are creeping their way back to our wardrobes. Can't say I'm complaining as I adore this style!

Classic maxi and pencil skirts with floral patterns, denim rolled sleeve shirts, material head bands, loafers and so much more!!

 This blouse is also jammed full of pleats! Another biggy making a come back. I decided to wear my Primark denim shorts again as these are short enough to hide under the blouse yet long enough to comfort the public that I am in fact fully clothed underneath.

I also decided to opt for my hair up as I usually wear it down and it's nice to get it off of my back to allow a breeze!! i then added a little coral lippy, which is a must have seeing as it's a bold colour and I seem obsessed. I didn't wear many accessories today, just a couple of silver rings but nothing you guys haven't seen before[:

Congratulations Will and Kate! 

How could I be heading to bed without a big congratulations to the new parent's of the Prince of Cambridge! Exciting news for all! It's almost like he has one big nation as a family? Cuteeee.

Top- Topshop           Shorts- Primark          Flatforms- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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