Green Tee's ;Day 46

Green Tee's


Today's attire was based around those crazy ass shorts, which I've mentioned in a previous post. (Check it out here!) Mooching around in any type of shorts I can grab my mitts on right now! A genius creation by some clever person, especially in our summer season. 

I then dug out a mint green t-shirt I bought from NewLook a while back. I always find it so handy having a selection of t-shirts of all sorts in my closet as they're one of the most handiest item's to grab on the go. You can throw them on with pretty much.. anything?! Plus they suit all occasions.. lunch'ins, cinema dates, retail therapy, exercise, beach trips.. you get the picture!

 I also wore my white brogue style shoes, which have been hibernating in my car boot since God knows when! But finally today was the day where they made their tribute. These shoes usually give me blisters.. surprise surprise, but I made sure to be well equipped with blister plasters. 

For accessories I wore a couple of rings, which again I've mentioned in a previous post. The mustache and glasses are designed to be a stack of rings but I often where them spread out. I also wore my arm bangle just for extra decoration[:

Perfect light and cooling outfit for hanging out with a friend! We also decided to head for the local swimming pool seeing as they have water-slides and water rapids! Yes, we were the two oldest kids in the pool but you can't resist a ridiculously big slide?.. with water? Heck noooooo!

T-Shirt- NewLook       Shorts- Topshop      Shoes- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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