Floral Shirt ;Day 39

Floral Shirt


Floral shirt, floral shirt.. Oh soo summery. I bought this shirt when I was lucky enough to visit NYC in the summer of 2012 from the super store Forever 21 but shamefully admit that I have only worn this beauty a couple of times.

I did go through one of those stages I'm sure all girls can relate to where you're unsure why you purchased such a random garment and then deciding what should be the next appropriate move. Keep or depart?!

I kept. And now I'm pretty darn glad I did too as I've recently re-kindled my love for the shirt.

So maybe filling your wardrobe with hundreds of 'possibly-might-wear-that-at-some-point-in-my-life' clothes can be a good thing? ..

.. But don't go crazy!

I paired my shirt with a pair of old boyfriend jeans, which I went totally D.I.Y manic on and cut into a pair of shorts. If you have an old pair of jeans and are lacking in a pair of shorts why not grab those scissors and turn them into something new?

I also used a razor blade to create the strayed and distressed look in the denim, which just adds a vintage vibe to the shorts. It also added fraying detailing the the cut, which I prefer to a sharp edge line. I didn't cut them too short as I quite like that fact I can adjust the length, roll them up for those hotter days and cool them down when around parents/grandparents.

I then wore my brogue shoes and hooked myself up with my sunglasses and a black satchel to complete this very country inspired look. I have also recently been sticking to dainty gold rings rather than my usual chunky ones seeing as hands tend to get hotter in warmer weather and sometimes it feels a little uncomfortable having something heavy on your fingers. So I'm currently embracing the midi-ring[:

I belonged in Texas today!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox





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