Circus Girl ;Day 41

Circus Girl


I bought these leggings a while back and I've recently been wearing them quite a bit. I love the fact they're so different from the usual jeans or leggings you can wear day to day and they're also quite daring?! It's good to challenge the stripes as a lot of people shy away from this kind of print. 

Also because the stripes are vertical they give the illusion that my legs are longer.. BRILLIANT!  
..Who doesn't want long legs?!


My outfit of choice for today was based around my statement leggings. These little clown looking bottoms were the foundation for my look. As they are such a bold pair I decide to tone down the rest of my outfit. 

I threw on my over-sized cotton jumper, which is made from a very very light material. Perfect for a summer's night!

 It also means I don't have to haul a jumper or cardi around in my microscopic satchel I use a lot at the moment. 

I then brought in round 2 with these feet murdering boots. I will not let them defeat me!! As long as I keep wearing them on small outing's and around the house then hopefully they will eventually become comfortable. The pain will be worth it! (Seems I'm getting a little obsessed with devil boots?!.. Ohh err) 

Plus with a couple of drinks in my system I'm sure I'll have more worries about standing up straight and not falling into bushes rather than what situation my feet are in. I sound like such a messy liability?!!


Final touches included a gold chunky necklace.. well that's a surprise?! I did however remove this item before I left the house as I did feel a little too fancy when all I was doing was having a chilled night with the girls.

I also matched my necklace with the chunky gold rings that I pretty much wear everyday. Just something sparkly and extra to add to my outfit?!

Love these babies ox

I've also gone for a light blue nail polish, which I think goes with every colour? Handy for when you're like me and you can't be bothered to change your nail colour that often.

.. And that was me for this evenings outfit[:

Also, really random.. but today I had my first epilating session. Oh my gosh! The pain was ridiculous?! I knew it would be painful but I thought I was having a tattoo or something with that pain. Maybe I'm just ridiculously sensitive to pain and I have no threshold what so ever, but that was not pleasant. Even a bikini wax isn't that painful!! Blah.

Jumper- Topshop       Leggings- Topshop     Boots- Topshop 

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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