Cami's ;Day 45


Possibly one of the greatest creations in fashion history and they've hit our shelves hard this season! 

Roll on the cami takeover..

 I was slightly unsure about cami's when I first saw them in our shops. I just couldn't decide whether it was a little too girly for me or even if I could pull them off? But I bit the bullet and bought my first one from Topshop, a creamy colour just for the safe side. Although this isn't my favourite item in my wardrobe it does have its perks.. therefore I made a list.


Why we should love the cami;

1) They're extremely light and comfortable to wear.

2) The colour's are endless. 

3) They can be worn with pretty much anything.

4) They are versatile for almost all weather.

5) Perfect for those 'meh-who-can-be-bothered-to-raid-the-closet' days.

I then wore my burgundy coloured jeggings also from Topshop. If you're not feeling a shorts or skirts kind of day in the middle of summer why not opt for leggings/jeggings? The lighter material one's aren't as bad as they look as they can sometimes be just as cooling as having bare legs. 

 For the final touches I added a selection of silver rings, vairying from skinny bands to chunky decorative ones.

I then found lipstick, which just happened to match my nails. Say what?!

(I then decided to take a rather Vogue looking photo to prove that my colour choice was accurate!.. As you do..)

Also my midi ring, which you can spot in the photo was actually from a My Little Pony set I had forever ago as a child. Something like the pony was a bride and therefore needed a ring that slipped on her leg.. and now it's my midi ring. But it's good to recycle?!

Cami- Topshop           Jeggings- Topshop (similar one's at USC)           Boots- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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