Burn Out ;Day 35

Burn Out


Hiiiiiii! Today was a confusing today. It seemed to be cloudy at times but then every now and then appeared the sun. So what do you wear with baffling weather?! Plus, there's the trouble of having A/C at work, so even when it's summer outside it still feels like winter inside. I mean, can you really walk around with a thick knitted jumper and sunglasses on? No.

 Taa daaa! 
         .. My outfit of the day. I'm sure you recognize these cheeky wet look leggings that seem to pop up quite a lot over my blog. I also dug out this maroon coloured burn out tee from my closet. I love the over sized fit.. to be honest I'm just in love with everything over sized right now. I find the way it sits is just soo flattering as I'm not the skinniest girl around, but who cares?! Finding something that flatters your body and makes you feel happy and confident is the main priority. 

Don't change for your clothes, change them to fit you!

(Quote of the day!) Not quite sure it'll be inspirational enough to be a tattoo though? Moving on.. 
        My burn out tee is a gem from Topshop, quite old though but still serving its purpose. I've also stuck with my classic faux converse and a statement gold necklace. Pretty basic accessory wise. You don't always need to go crazy with accessories and jewellery, sometimes it's quite nice to let the top or trousers or even shoes make the statement and add character to your outfit.  

Pairing my gold necklace with a tee already smothered with a burnout effect just added a feminine touch. I was considering going for no jewellery but then I thought why not?! You can't really go wrong with a gold necklace and I think the outfit looked much more girly with a piece of jewellery just to compliment and to blend in with the burnout. Plus, what doesn't go well with gold?!

T-shirt- Topshop      Leggings- NewLook     Trainers- Primark     Necklace- Topshop (similar one at Topshop)

 Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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