Boyfriend Jeans ;Day 50

Boyfriend Jeans

It appears my consistency to update my blog is a little awful but I do have an excuse! I haven't been home the last few days or long enough on the internet to be able to write up a responsibly acceptable post! Soorrrryyyyyy!!

Just for the record.. boyfriends jeans can't stand the heat. This wasn't my best choice of outfit for a 22 degree day, which then somehow warmed up even further. And trust me.. air-con did not make a difference!

Never the less I did think this outfit looked cute! And sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the things you like, eh?

So whats the deal?..

Boyfriend jeans are too retro. There are so many different style takes on the boyfriend jeans available all around us, which is perfect for the variety of body shapes. You've got your high waisted, your 'hanging lows', acid wash, vintage look.. blah blah blaaah, the list goes on and on! (I fear We may be here a while).

 Mine are a pair from NewLook, which were so reasonably priced, £19.99 I believe, maybe even less? I then wore my lace style tee, which I purchased the other day from Topshop, part of the Jersey range. I can't tell you how much I love is spilling out of me for this top! It's one of those one's that looks better on than on the hanger? It's one of those beauties that suites everyone.

I also opted for black accessories to match my top. Therefore, I whacked my loafer studded shoes out as well as a black satchel bag. 

These shoes have also joined the 'Let's destroy Louise's feet' club. After kicking these vandal's off after a shift at work my feet haven't been the same. My poor feet point out in places they never did before..

Top- Topshop             Boyfriend Jeans- NewLook 

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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