Blue Birds Fly ;Day 49

Blue Birds Fly


I know they're not blue birds chilling out on my shirt but I felt a little surge of The Wizard of Oz coming along while writing up this post. Casually following the yellow brick road eh? [;

Sorry. That was a poor attempt of a joke, well it was that bad it didn't even fall into the joke catagory..

.. Anyway, let us continue!

I had a mini photo shoot outside just to spice up my pictures a little bit. I'm sure you're starting to get tired of my constant pictures with my phone and mirror! Sorry I'm not very imaginative and plus I'm usually rushing on my way to work. 

But not today!

If any of you have read my blog from my very first post (you guys are insanely amazing) then you may just recognize my shirt?! I thought I'd bring this classic one back out to get it's full dose of vitamin D with our beautiful weather. 

I bought this one in a shop called Select, which often has some really lovely pieces in it but for bargain prices. Almost a cross between a NewLook and an ASDA? I bought it quite a while back but I'm pretty sure it cost around £12? 

The material itself is a polyester fabric so although is was bloody hot it meant I could wear this shirt and it still be cool enough to not be burning up in. Brilliant!!

I also love a good old patterned shirt! As long as it's not too crazy that I get a little confused between curtains and what I'm wearing. It means that you have something going on with your outfit rather than having to dose up with accessories, which is a bonus in summer weather.

 I wore my D.I.Y boyfriend shorts, which of course started life as boyfriend jeans. They're really beginning to fray now, which is giving them a much more vintage effect to them. If you feel you shorts/skirts aren't frayed enough you could always run over them with a razor blade to just pull and distress the denim.

I'm also starting to really make friends with my flatforms. AT LAST! I was a little worried that we may have to remain distant from each other but now that they are equipped with plasters they're pretty comfortable.

Not too much going on with accessories. I wore my copy cat Aviators from Primark costing a remarkable £1.50.

I can't breathe with prices like that.

I tried a new colour of lipstick, which I don't usually go for. It was almost a plum colour? Only one of those samples you get in a compact but still I may now invest in a tube? I also wore a couple of silver rings, some passed down from my Mama and others that I've collected over the years and now rediscovered in my jewellery box. When I say jewellery box I mean an old Christmas present box, which has become the hub of my cluttered necklaces, bracelets.. you name it.

Shirt- Select             Shorts- ASOS (orginally jeans)         Shoes- Topshop 

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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