Beach 'each ;Day 38

Beach 'each

 Guess where I spent the day?! Only went to the beach didn't I?!

19 degree's surrounded by sea, sun, the best friend and sand was a beautiful way to spend a day off work. Even if the sand does somehow seem to get everywhere? I'm still finding grains in my ears and hair even after a long soak in the bath. Da heck?!

I then got onto thinking about finding the perfect kaftan or cover up to wear to the beach. The worst thing I could think of doing was sliding into a pair of jeans or denim shorts after lying out on the sand. Just imagine the grinding of the grains on your legs?! Ew. I'm someone who would prefer to wear a dress or skirt to the beach just so it's easy to throw back on.

After some website stalking I came across these babies and couldn't decide which I preferred. So I made a beautiful collage for you guys to check out[:

Topshop - Black Lace Kaftan     Topshop - White Broderie Daisy Cover Up    
River Island- White Havana Floral Print Kaftan      New Look- Aztec Open Front Kaftan

..Just a few snaps from the seaside[:

I can't explain how much I love being by the ocean, it sounds so corny but it really is such an awesome place to be. We're pretty lucky to live quite local to a sandy beach too! But getting sand in your sea side snacks sucks ar*e.

 Last time I came to the beach with a group of friends we ended up forgetting to apply sun lotion for the duration of 4 hours due to excessive hang overs. We will NOT be avoiding to lotion up again for a looooong time.

Possibly one of the stupidest and most painful things we have ever experienced. I can still picture us all 'after sunning' each other up for hours afterwards and hovering in front of fans just to cool our skin. Sun burn is a bi*ch.

.. So factor 50 became my new best friend. Plus you don't want leathery skin by the time your 30?! Ohhhh no.

That was my day folks, how was yours?! More adventures in the sun tomorrow, taking advantage baby.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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