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Summer Buzz ;Day 51

Summer BuzzMade some outfit collage's for y'all[:

My outfit of the day wasn't worth putting on my post so instead I decided to let my creative juices run wild as they haven't done so in a while. I've also been looking at different sites that I hope to shop from in the future. Hopefully you'll be inspired by just some idea's I'm throwing out there[:


First up, Monki! I'm not too familiar with this store at the moment but after flicking through some of the pages of stock I am definitely intrigued! They have some beautiful pieces, which hopefully I'll be saving some pennies for. If you haven't heard of them before the best way to sum up their trends and lines are almost a boho theme? A lot of oversized pieces and bold colours. Both which are right up my street!

As I'm sure you've spotted I've got two hats on the go with this outfit. Only because I couldn't decide between a cap or a bowler hat? So I put both in to create two dif…

Boyfriend Jeans ;Day 50

Boyfriend Jeans
It appears my consistency to update my blog is a little awful but I do have an excuse! I haven't been home the last few days or long enough on the internet to be able to write up a responsibly acceptable post! Soorrrryyyyyy!!

Just for the record.. boyfriends jeans can't stand the heat. This wasn't my best choice of outfit for a 22 degree day, which then somehow warmed up even further. And trust me.. air-con did not make a difference!

Never the less I did think this outfit looked cute! And sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the things you like, eh?

So whats the deal?..
Boyfriend jeans are too retro. There are so many different style takes on the boyfriend jeans available all around us, which is perfect for the variety of body shapes. You've got your high waisted, your 'hanging lows', acid wash, vintage look.. blah blah blaaah, the list goes on and on! (I fear We may be here a while).

 Mine are a pair from NewLook, which were so reasonably priced…

Blue Birds Fly ;Day 49

Blue Birds FlyI know they're not blue birds chilling out on my shirt but I felt a little surge of The Wizard of Oz coming along while writing up this post. Casually following the yellow brick road eh? [;

Sorry. That was a poor attempt of a joke, well it was that bad it didn't even fall into the joke catagory..

.. Anyway, let us continue!

I had a mini photo shoot outside just to spice up my pictures a little bit. I'm sure you're starting to get tired of my constant pictures with my phone and mirror! Sorry I'm not very imaginative and plus I'm usually rushing on my way to work. 

But not today!
If any of you have read my blog from my very first post (you guys are insanely amazing) then you may just recognize my shirt?! I thought I'd bring this classic one back out to get it's full dose of vitamin D with our beautiful weather. 

I bought this one in a shop called Select, which often has some really lovely pieces in it but for bargain prices. Almost a cross between…

Housewife Blouse ;Day 48

Housewife Blouse
I promised in a previous post that I will not be beaten by my flatform's. I have stuck to that promise... therefore drastic actions were taken.

 Out came the plasters!!

.. lot's of them. This was the only way I could actually bare to even slip these onto my feet. Urgh, the pain we go through for a cute pair of shoes! But this time I enjoyed wearing them out and about rather than worrying if the backs of them would cut through a ligament or something seeing as they're so uncomfortable.

After reading the reviews online on the Topshop website I found out I was not the only one experiencing this problem. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! .. Apparently they do break in eventually. Keep persevering! 

First world problems. Hardly of any importance?!

Moving on.. My housewife's blouse? Just a little summin' summin' that I picked up from good old Topshop a few months ago. Perfect for the British summer and so elegant don't you think?! It remin…

Pea Green Shorts ;Day 47

Pea Green ShortsThere appears to be a bit of a green fetish happening right now. But don't you worry.. I shall explore more colour's soon for all those green haters! I just felt these shorts hadn't made an appearance in a while and therefore needed to be re-introduced into the world[:

So I wore my pea green shorts because obviously they couldn't just be called green shorts. Ohhhh no! I have to go all fancy with the names. I purchased these from ASOS a while back but bold and vibrant colour's are making a triumphal come back into our high streets luckily, which means you can probably get your mitts on a very similar pair.
I paired mine with a peter pan collared lace top from the Jersey department in Topshop. Of courrrrrse I'm wearing an item of Topshop.. This seems to be becoming quite a habit as most of my posts include the brand.

Although this top is no longer available online I'm pretty sure you can still find it in most stores …

Green Tee's ;Day 46

Green Tee's

Today's attire was based around those crazy ass shorts, which I've mentioned in a previous post. (Check it out here!) Mooching around in any type of shorts I can grab my mitts on right now! A genius creation by some clever person, especially in our summer season. 

I then dug out a mint green t-shirt I bought from NewLook a while back. I always find it so handy having a selection of t-shirts of all sorts in my closet as they're one of the most handiest item's to grab on the go. You can throw them on with pretty much.. anything?! Plus they suit all occasions.. lunch'ins, cinema dates, retail therapy, exercise, beach trips.. you get the picture!

 I also wore my white brogue style shoes, which have been hibernating in my car boot since God knows when! But finally today was the day where they made their tribute. These shoes usually give me blisters.. surprise surprise, but I made sure to be well equipped with blister plasters. 

For accessories I wore a coup…

Cami's ;Day 45

Cami'sPossibly one of the greatest creations in fashion history and they've hit our shelves hard this season! 

Roll on the cami takeover..

I was slightly unsure about cami's when I first saw them in our shops. I just couldn't decide whether it was a little too girly for me or even if I could pull them off? But I bit the bullet and bought my first one from Topshop, a creamy colour just for the safe side. Although this isn't my favourite item in my wardrobe it does have its perks.. therefore I made a list.

Why we should love the cami;

1) They're extremely light and comfortable to wear.
2) The colour's are endless.

3) They can be worn with pretty much anything.
4) They are versatile for almost all weather.
5) Perfect for those 'meh-who-can-be-bothered-to-raid-the-closet' days.

I then wore my burgundy coloured jeggings also from Topshop. If you're not feeling a shorts or skirts kind of day in the middle of summer why not opt for leggings/jeggings? The…

Keep It Simple ;Day 44

Keep It SimpleBefore anyone cries in disgust about how short my tunic is.. I can assure you that I am wearing shorts underneath! Promise!!

I couldn't even bring myself to wear clothes for work when I knew the weather was sizzling this morning. So I literally wore as little as I possibly/legally could.

I bought this tunic a while back in a sale for at around £3?! I couldn't remember which store though but it's such a simple design I'm sure it's available on any high street. The back of the tunic is also longer than the front, which gave me a little more dignity and covered by bum. 

The world does not want to be greeted by such a sight!!

Obviously because of the length of my tunic I wore a pair of short denim shorts just in case the wind picked up or I bent over a little too far. I'm a little conscious when it comes to flashing by accident or wearing too short dresses!!

As I looked like I was just wearing an over-sized tank top, I decided to add a little splash of g…

Waxing, Shaving or Epilating? ;Day 43

Waxing, Shaving or Epilating?I just would like to start with what my aim for this post is about. I have tried and tested a couple of hair removal methods that I personally wanted to try and see which suited me best. My opinions are my own and it's just a little information from my personal experience with each method that I have written about and shared with you today[: My way is neither right or wrong just my own! 

I decided to try and brave epilating for the first time a few days ago as I usually stick to shaving. My pain intolerance is virtually non-existent so this was perhaps a stupid idea.

My gosh the pain..

I'm not sure if this was just because I'm such a baby when it comes to anything remotely painful but this was not exactly pleasant. All this torture for just smooth legs?! Uhh nahh.. not cool.

But after the first couple of strokes I must admit the pain reduces a LOT. Now I seem to be obsessed with going over random patches I've missed on a daily basis? My Mum th…