Working On It ;Day 30

Working On It


As I mentioned in my previous post I have actually filmed a haul video! (wooohoo) And now I'm just going through the process of editing the footage and hopefully finding some soothing music to help you through the length of the video. 

This will be my first every attempt of a clothing haul so please... no hate! It's not something I'm used to as I have made previous videos in the past but based around more comical themes. I'm no expert!!

But that is why I'm working on it.

Outfit of the day?..

Here it is folks!! Cream blouse from Topshop, currently in the sale for £20 say whaaaat?! 

A really light blouse with little gold buttons just to add a little elegance to such a basic garment. However extremely see through so a white bra or bandeau is vital!

Paired up with a pair of maroon leggings that are very convincing jeans. Love these little babies! Anything that is the comfy version of the real thing is heaven sent.

I will avoid jeans as much as a I can in exchange for leggings or harem trousers just because they are too cosy. Mmmm...


Of course I wore my black boots from Fashion Union. I'm sure you recognise these from previous posts I've blogged about!! They're no stranger. This time I wore them with the unthinkable.. no socks! Ew. But oh well, I know some people find this a big no no but I guess as long as your feet don't smell awful there's no harm? Right?!

 I also wore my black and gold triangle necklace, which I bought from Topshop a while back. As I decided to button my blouse right to the collar I decided a necklace would just break the outfit up a bit and add a little edge. 

The beauty of necklaces are they really are the cherry on top of an outfit. For me the chunkier and bigger, the better. I do tend to stick with these style necklaces just because they seem to bring so much to an outfit and they don't get in the way as much as a bracelet or ring would.

 Blouse- Topshop    Leggings- Topshop (similar ones at Miss Guided)  
 Necklace- Topshop (similar one at Topshop)    Boots- Fashion Union (similar ones at Fashion Union)

Hopefully I'll crack down on this video editing and upload ASAP! Stay tuned[:

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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