Walking On Sunshine ;Day15

Walking On Sunshine

16 degree's baby! And for those of you who are used to hotter weather, trust me this is rare for us!! So rare. Soak it in!!

 So, in order to make the most of the weather today I decided to embrace the heat and .. go bare legged. Yep, it was hard but I did it. And no fake tan was added to those chalk sticks of mine. Although it's hard to get those pins out at first you've just got to keep in mind that the only way they're ever going to become sun kissed is by baring all. Ladies, you are not alone! Every one's going to be pale due to our hideously long winter and we're all going through exactly the same thing. Trust me, it's not as noticeable as we think. It's nooo biggy!!




Today's attire consisted of a simple blue dress. I like to call it my 'egg shell dress' simply because of the colour and small black grains it has sown into it. The material is jersey so it's so light weight and breezy that you don't have to worry about becoming too hot or stuffy. I then chose to pair my tan coloured suede moccasins as I felt black shoes may have been a little to harsh with the dress colour? And of course for accessories I added a gold statement necklace, the one with the chain detailing! I felt by adding a necklace it just added a little edge to the outfit rather than looking too girly girl.

I LOVE SUNGLASSES!! There's something about them that make you so mysterious and also an easy way of spying on people? But on a serious note they really are such a brilliant accessory with any outfit.  

At the moment I am obsessed with round framed ones. They are such a blast from the past and I think they're perfect for most face shapes, which is such a bonus as I know finding a suitable pair that don't make my face look like a bug is such trouble.      

Finally some red lippy! The colour I'm wearing today is more of a pinky red, perfect for summer. The colour is called Passion Fruit and is from the Collection 2000 (most Boot's stores supply the collection!!) I love this brand of lipstick simply because it really does seem to last me all day. Maybe the occasional top up after a drink or something but other than that it stays put.

Dress- Topshop    Necklace- Topshop    Shoes- NewLook

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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