The Best Day ;Day 12

The Best Day!

 Such an awesome day! Apart from an early start for work, today has been so much fun. To celebrate our one year anniversary of a new company system/policy thingy, the whole of the store were invited to a little competitive game of .. BOWLING.

 It all started..

..turning into a rather awesome day when my friend Pheebz took me to this amazing cute cafe in town. The decor was adorable, everything was a mishmash from the cutlery to the variety of paintings on the walls. And.. they had PANCAKES. Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup? How American!! Plus, I did my usual compromise (rewind back to post 11 for further details!!) and added a super smoothie, packed with mango, strawberry, banana and check this.. a blackberry icecube?! SAY WHAT?!

   Recently I've become slightly obsessed with chai latte's? I don't understand how I've gone so long in life without this babe beside me. Honestly, if you're a sweet tooth lover like me.. this is your Leonardo DiCaprio in hot drinks!! I can't explain the incredible-ness.

Moving on..

 .. to make the most of this gorgeous weather we are experiencing recently we decided to meet a couple more buddies and head for the nearest pub for a drink. A pub with the craziest crisp flavours on the block. Oh, apparently there's such a thing as oyster flavored crisps? I have no clue. Not my cup of chai latte!! (mwahaa hideous joke I know). 

Pubs are one of the best chill out area's around in the summer time. What better than spending time with friends or family surrounded by cheeriness and cold drinks? Plus a pub garden is often a really handy place to pick up those golden tans we all desire so badly. Especially the pasty girls like myself! 



.. It was time to tie up those bowling shoes, stretch those muscles and create the serious face for some intense bowling. 

So, I found out bowling's not exactly.. well my best hobby? I thought that by playing on a virtual console meant you end up becoming quite an expert but sadly I was wrong. I sucked BIG time. I know this is quite controversial but I for one am a 'bumpers' girl all the way. Hell no having those things down.. everything would end up in the gutter. Plus they had a small American style diner in opposite the bowling alley so of course we ordered a helping of burgers and fries!! Mmmm.

SO much to do and so little time really is my quote for today. Quality days like these are so special and it seems so hard to get everyone together sometimes because of work or college etc. And although I lost miserably the atmosphere and comfort of being surrounded by awesome people really was the best part. Oh and the arcade of course! They really are money grabbers those damn games! 

I think this song might just about sum it all up.. ENJOY!

Ch'all for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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