Rain and Cake ;Day 17

Rain and Cake 

 I think once again the title of this post sums it all up? Just as we were starting to lavish in the beautiful weather, it then down poured today. Although, we are now back to our usual sunny sunshine!! Phew! Slightly worried we'd hit the peak of our summer for a second!

 I didn't want to loose hope on a glimmer of sunshine so I decided to dress with both forecasts in mind. I was heading to town with a friend and decided that I would stick with jeans as they can be worn in any kind of weather really. My jeans are brand new from Topshop and are the Joni style jeans. I already have a black pair in my closet but these new faded blue denim one's are almost like jeggings? High waisted yet so comfy, which can be very rare these days!!

I then wore a monochrome top in the style of a loose vest top, which is made from a silk material. Brilliant for if the sun was to make an appearance!! I then paired up my black studded shoes and a khaki jacket with leather sleeves. Pretty sure everyone has one of these jackets now? I see them everywhere!!

I tucked the top into my jeans just to show off the highwaisted-ness (if that's a word?) and also to make the outfit a little interesting. I always find that by tucking a top in to your trousers can really make the whole outfit look completely different? Not quite sure why but must be something to do with an illusion. 

And of course the sun did come out! WOHHOOO![:


I'm currently obsessed with tea rooms and little traditional shops/cafes. Especially on miserable days what better than spending a couple of hours drinking coffee (traditional tea is not my thing! Ew.) and eating cake?! Also, it's a really inexpensive way to catch up with friends and treat yourself with a slice or two.

Today, I had a poppyseed and lemon cake which was.. oh my gosh. SOO GOOD! And once again I stuck to my traditional chai latte. I usually choose the most confusing name on the menu and order that as a drink, why not be a little adventurous? The weirdest one had to be Oddess Goddess of Mercy tea? I don't even know. 

Top- Primark   Jeans- Topshop   Shoes- Topshop   Jacket- NewLook (similar one on BooHoo)

                                                                    Just though I'd add this picture!My girl decided to join me whilst I wrote this blog. Beatrix Potter moment right there!!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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