Pink Tee ;Day 31

Pink Tee




Ok! Basic pink t-shirt paired with my vintage style high waisted jeans. What could be simpler? 

Probably one of the oldest outfit idea's in the books yet still going strong years and years later. The t-shirt itself is a Primark goldie, one of those finds in the store that you're still thankful to this day for. A sheer material so keeping those white bra's/bandeau's handy! 

The jeans are of course one's I blabbed on about before. My Topshop Joni's!! Loving the high waisted style at the moment! Why would you not want jeans that are super flattering on the stomach? Every girls dreaaaaam!

Although these have absolutely, well and truely..


I'm still in love with them. It's like a love/hate relationship with these boots. But for now I will keep battling on with them until I break them down and officially own comfy boots. I've mentioned these in a previous post in case you wanted to check it out (here)

Plus.. someone please remind me to buy another umbrella?! I'm so over this dodging of the rain as I don't fancy looking like a drowned rat. Boooo!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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