Nailed It ;Day 13

Nailed It.

 I have somehow managed to get myself a week off.. and now I have no clue what to do with myself. My day so far has consisted of sleeping, eating and watching The Real Housewives of New York (slightly obsessed with those women.. I reached season 3. Yep.) I thought as I have no stepped foot outside my house I shall write a post about a little hobby of mine.. nail art.

I don't often have time to really decorate or spend hours on my nails as when I work I often catch them or chip them, which for someone who has O.C.D annoys the crud out of me. But when I really want to go the full shazam with my nail decor, then I really will try new techniques with colours and patterns.


Inspired by the new tie-dye obsession blaring at us in the face right now, I created an orange, pink and white effect on those short, stubby nails of mine. This technique was so ridiculously simple and yet really made my nails stand out. Better than what they were before anyway!!

You can also use any colour's you want and maybe even add a forth to make this tie-dye effect. Also the messier the layers, the better the finish. Tie-dye is never neat as it's known for its almost 'leaked' effect, so this design is perfect for those not so keen artists! 

How'd ya do it?

To create this effect all you need is 3 nail varnishes of your choice.

- Starting from the cuticle, apply the first colour to about a quarter of the way up your nail. There's no need to cover the whole nail as you'll end up with 3 coats, which can then take forever to dry and most likely end up in a smudging incident.

- Once applied you'll need to make sure the nail is completely dry. None of this slightly sticky-ness. Completely dry!! (I know it sucks having to wave your hands around)

- Next, you can add the second colour of your choice. When I applied this coat I used the brush to my advantage by shuffling the bristles up and down the nail to create the jagged effect. I then waited for that layer to completely dry!

- Finally, I added the last coat and continued with the shuffling motion as previously used. Then, once those nails are all dry you can always add a final coat of clear nail varnish to really bring out an awesome gloss. 

Like I said, the messier the layers the better the effect! This decorative technique is so soo simple and yet soo eye catchingly gorgeous[: Give it a go and let me know if any of you have any other techniques that I can take a whack at.   
Ch'all for now. Peace&Love xoxox




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