Laid Back ;Day 20

Laid Back

 So like I promised I have created a couple more mood-board style outfit idea's for y'all to check out and hopefully like!! This time I've created styles based around a more urban feel, which meant mixing around with different patterns and colour's.

Sticking to the same order as before, I've started with Topshop. My main inspiration for this outfit came from the polka dot shirt in almost a lime green colour? I thought this was a great base to work around and would be perfect to wear as an open shirt.

 Shirt   Camisole    Boots    Jeans    Satchel

I couldn't decide whether this was the right shirt for this look but in the end I concluded that it makes the outfit. I stuck to black shoes, satchel and socks as there is a lot of contrast of colour's and patterns in the shirt, therefore the mix of the bold and colourful seem to compliment each other well.

Shirt    Dungarees   Boots    Satchel   Socks 

And last but by no means least, River Island with a very monochrome vibe. I know we don't usually wear stiletto heels everyday but I couldn't resist passing up on these adorable yellow shoes! Plus, the really add a splash of colour which can be vital when pairing up black and white garments. The trousers are in fact leggings even though they could pull off the jeans look, which is such a bonus seeing as jeggings/leggings seem to be the comfiest thing around?! Also the bowler hat really is the cherry on top! Almost a star role for my gentlemen post? (previous post here)

Shirt    Leggings   Shoes   Hat    Bag

Just a couple of outfit idea's which will hopefully bring lots of inspiration to you. I do love making these like I said previously so no doubt when searching the web I'll be make many more. It's always worth checking out high street retailers websites as you never know what little gems you'll find and what better than shopping in the comfort of your own home?.. with a packet of jaffa cakes.. mm.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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