Gentlemen ;Day 19


I'm guessing the title for this post is a little confusing? But all shall be explained in further detail!


Taa daaa!.. In case this isn't a dead give away (which to be fair it's not that obvious) the title relates to my outfit of the day. Introducing my 'Gentlemen' trousers!

I call these black textured beauties my gentlemen trousers merely because they remind me of a pair of tailored suit trousers from the 1950's? Or around that era. Now'a days these specific ones are known as tapered trousers.

They also are extremely snug around the waist, meaning extreme flattery for your figure. As well as hoisting up a little on the legs to show a slight ankle flesh, which for me is something I really love? Not quite sure why though.

My best impersonation of a 2013 Gentlemen?

As you can see I paired these manly trousers with a stripy t-shirt. Just something loose fitting and tucked in to add a laid back touch. I also think that the stripes add some sort of sophistication, but in a casual way if that even makes sense?  I don't know.. something about stripes.

 Although I have such a weakness for lovely lovely boots, they are a pain in the butt to wear! The ones I wore today are amazing and I love them to pieces but boy is it world war 3 with my feet. I always have to take them off when doing a 6 hour shift at work because they just become too much. I am so ashamed to admit defeat from shoes..



I thought that this outfit looked a little plain so I decided to add a little something.. bring on the gold rings! I recently purchased a set of 4 gold chunky rings from Topshop which originally were priced around £8. I didn't realize they were an old set and were now £1.50! BARGAIN! Always worth a good rummage!

Trousers- Topshop (similar ones at Topshop)    Top- Topshop    
Boots- Fashion Union (similar ones at Fashion Union)

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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