Dry Shampoo & Owls ;Day 27

Dry Shampoo & Owls

 Random title I know, but I decided to declare my love for dry shampoo. I mean come on, what other kind of God-sent invention exists on this planet in a small can? I've just set a challenge for you to find something of this description! Best of luck.

But in all honestly those days where your hair is in between washes or you just haven't even bothered to shove it over the bath tub.. this is all you need. Also most of the brands you can buy now smell amazing!! Mm sweet smelling hair.

Don't feel like you're being gross and dirty by skipping the occasional hair washing date. It's not the end of the world!! And sometimes it's good to let your hair go greasy (there is a line though) so that the natrual oils can do their magic.

..Two of my drug store favourites have to be;

Away With The Fairies


Moving on..

 Owls? Well, the reason behind this was because I was being unimaginative with my choice of titles. I found my rather adorable owl pendant from Forever 21 and decided it was about time he sat back where he belonged.. on my.. chest? 

Not only was he a couple of pounds (as well all know how much I like a good bargain) but he was also from NYC baby. Back in June last year I was extremely lucky to be able to holiday over in the States and see the big apple. One of the best holidays I could have ever dreamed for!! And this owl was one of my many souvenirs[:

As you can see I've paired up with my tartan leggings again. Dream team! I also had a bit of a chilly day so I stuck with a light weight Jersey sweat, similar to the purple one I wore the other day. (check that beauty out here) Then of course I finished off with my owl pendant. 

I've also chosen a light pink lipstick, quite subtle just to add a little dash of colour rather than a statement colour. I thought this complimented the red and purples in the tartan? The one I've gone for is by The Body Shop and is number 57, Pink Flirt. And of course.. my brogue shoes. Love these bad boys!!

Top- Topshop    Leggings- Topshop (similar ones at Topshop)   
 Shoes- NewLook (similar ones at NewLook)     Necklace- Forever 21 (similar one at Forever 21)

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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