Confidence ;Day 25


 Not something that comes too frequently for me but something I feel we all should have. As you can probably guess this wont be an 'outfit of the day' post but more a little chin-wag that I want to share with you lovely lot about something that's been puzzling me lately..

As I am a keen social net-worker and a love of all things social media, I've started noticing an occurrence on a lot of these sites. 

Why does it seem that when someone says something good about themselves they're almost shot down by comments claiming to be 'vain' or 'up themselves'?

.. And I thought about it pretty hard last night but this really does make sense why confidence and self belief is becoming almost extinct? How can we feel good about ourselves if we're always conscious of how we will come across to other people?

Embrace It

 As I've grown up I've become a lot happier as myself. At first I was a pretty awkward kid who kept opinions to myself and never ever spoke my feelings. But the more you mature and learn things about yourself you really do learn that it doesn't matter what people who don't know you think.. I mean, if they haven't made it into your friend zone then they clearly aren't worth worrying about?! And yes I know it does sound corny but honestly it's so true .. pinky promise.

Plus don't give them the satisfaction of putting you down. It will bug them more that you're feeling proud to be you and daring to be different. And if it really bugs them that much.. then they have issues.

 Who care's if someone doesn't like that piercing? Or your dress sense isn't too someone's taste? Or you're tattoo confuses people? What's important is that you're doing things to make you happy. Sometimes you need to be a little selfish and think about what makes you smile or perks up your day. And it can create the domino effect of making others happy. Almost spreading the love?! (too hippy!)



 Next time someone writes on your freshly uploaded selfie that you're being 'vain' just smile and think 'damn right hon'aaaay' because the honest truth is they're probably dying to take their very own. 

Camera's were invented to capture memories and to capture beauty and if you're having a day where you love your make-up or your hair just looks amazing or you're just feeling really beautiful then embrace it and capture it. 

And if you're someone who writes those comments that may not seem a big deal but at the end of the day do end up chipping away at confidence then maybe stop a think before posting. Why not just add a little compliment instead?..

But as a friendly piece of advice to anyone uploading their newest portrait, please please pleaaaase don't add a caption of 'I look really hideous' or something along those lines. You're just shooting yourself in the foot!!

 Well, I hope this made a nice little piece of bed time reading. But just to finish this little post (well.. rather huge post) off little changes can really help build confidence and it really is such an important part of being human. It also is an amazing feeling to feel good about yourself and be proud to be you. After all, you are who you want to be.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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