Blue Patterns ;Day 29

Blue Patterns

I'm not becoming very imaginative with my post titles.. sorry. I can't use big fancy, creative names, they terrify me. Totally kidding.. I just can't think of any.

Okay. Well after that rather weird and awkward introduction.. let's get to the main point, Outfit of the day!


.. patterns galore! Loving this cami top from Primark. I believe it was £4? Must have been some kind of sick joke. It's one of my favourite tops of all time!! 

As my plans today consisted of babysitting.. and more Netflix, I decided that I wouldn't bother with make-up or anything fancy. Hence why my face is a no show in these photo's! I know I blabbed on about confidence (check it out here) in a previous post but I just didn't feel the world was ready to see my bare face all over the internet. 

I stuck with my comfy wet look leggings to spice up the attire with an urban feel and then of course my lovely faux converse. Another Primark bargain[:


.. for extra warmth (as sitting on your butt for the rest of the evening can be a little chilly) I throw on a denim shirt. I'd always rather be too warm than too cold hence why layers are always a good shout!


.. I added a chunky gold necklace just so it separated the two blues going on up top. I also thought this added a little feminine touch. 

  And that was me all set for an evening of babysitting. 

Nothing too exquisite or fancy but just something casual. I think it's crazy that you can earn money from watching movies and playing games with kids?! Plus if you're lucky you may even get popcorn. Say what?!!

I also spent some (A LOT) of my time this evening Google'ing Jeremy Sumpter. If you haven't a clue spend your evening doing the same. It's soo so worth it trust me. Mmm.

 OHH! Also my Topshop package arrived today and seeing as I've found myself spending a lot of money in there recently I may sort my self out to do my first ever haul video tomorrow? Hmm.. I'll sleep on it. If not be sure to stay tuned for further posts on my new processions!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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