BBQ & Besties ;Day 32

BBQ & Besties

If you are following me on Instagram you will know this evening's activities have included food, friends and of course a large amount of alcohol. And if you aren't.. why the heck not?! 

Totally kidding.

These are a couple of the snaps I caught from the evening. Apparently we're experiencing a heat wave in England, I guess we shan't be having such a damp summer after all?!

Always a good shout to roll out the BBQ and chill out with friends. It's a good excuse to get the gang together.. even if you end up having a few drinks and burning the food. 

We girls even managed to light the BBQ without burning the house down. But we wont mention that we left the cardboard packaging on the grill...

 Did Someone Say Festival?...

Basically, our manager came up with the idea of dressing up in festival gear for the weekend as we are all feeling the Glastonbury blues. I was a little hesitant as to what to wear seeing as I knew I would be quite chilly inside due to our over excited A/C.


This was my finished product!! After waking up at 7am I somehow managed to rock out the face paint. Even if it is a bit of a botched job?!

The worst part was having to park my car and then walk through a slightly busy high street to work. I literally had my hand on my face and my sunglasses to try and mask the weirdness of wearing bright coloured paint on my face so early in the morning.

The maxi dress is a gem from the Topshop sale. £20 for a summery garment, which is made from an almost linen material? I chose this one as my first ever maxi dress because of the cut out panel just above the waist. It just seems to break up the outfit as a black dress can sometimes be a little dramatic, especially one which touches the floor.

To add a little extra something I brought out the Aztec looking gold necklace, mentioned in previous posts. I seem to wear this one a lot?! 
Dress- Topshop

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox 


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