Au Revoir ;Day 22

Au Revoir

Guess where I'm off to?!! Isle of Wight festival baby! Too excited for words. I did attempt to film a 'what to take to a festival video' but to be honest I suck at making YouTube videos. I will try to make a few in the near future, but today was not the day to start. Sorry!!

I will, however, keep a kind of diary during the 4 days and just photograph as much as I can. This is my first festival so I'm pretty ecstatic but nervous at the same time. Any tips on how to survive would be much appreciated!

Anyway, I've made a few mood-board style (I do love my mood-boards!) of just a few essentials I shall be taking with me[:

Most of these essentials (essentials for me anyway!) are available at Super Drug which is the website that I raided. These are also travel size, which is what you need when hauling a back pack around London and on a ferry! Plus how cute is this wash bag from Ted Baker? 

1. Dry Shampoo! So handy for when you want your hair styled but it's getting to the stage where it's looking a little.. greasy. Especially sleeping in a tent with damp and all sorts!

2. Baby wipes. These will be my new shower for the next four days! Lovely. But these one's don't smell like new born babies? Can't say I want to live that part of my life again!

3. Deodorant. Obvious reasons!

4. Toothbrush and toothpaste. I can't go a day without giving those nasher's a good scrub. 

5. Rimmel BB Cream with SPF. This is such a good BB cream! It actually provides amazing cover and it has SPF in it, such a bonus when you'll be out and about all day!

6. MUA Waterproof Mascara. Just because you can't predict the weather! Also this was £1 in Super Drug and seeing as it's pretty affordable it wont matter too much if it was misplaced. 

7. Ted Baker Wash Bag. I thought this bag was adorable and the colour's are pretty awesome. Handy to keep everything together!

8. Bourjois Blush. Just to add a little natural colour to your cheeks without being too dramatic. 

9. Brush compact. Super Drug's own brand product at such a bargain! How useful can you get with a folded brush and mirror? This will be too handy.

Those are just a few items that I have packed for my festival adventures. Some items are a little different to the one's I have gathered for myself, but as long as you have what you need for yourself I don't see how you can go wrong?

Have fun and stay safe if you're daring the mud and getting involved with the festival festivities! I shall try and blog from the random field I shall be in but if not I shall do a lot of catching up for when I return home.

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox  


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