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BBQ & Besties ;Day 32

BBQ & Besties
If you are following me on Instagram you will know this evening's activities have included food, friends and of course a large amount of alcohol. And if you aren't.. why the heck not?! 

Totally kidding.

These are a couple of the snaps I caught from the evening. Apparently we're experiencing a heat wave in England, I guess we shan't be having such a damp summer after all?!

Always a good shout to roll out the BBQ and chill out with friends. It's a good excuse to get the gang together.. even if you end up having a few drinks and burning the food. 

Wegirls even managed to light the BBQ without burning the house down. But we wont mention that we left the cardboard packaging on the grill...

Did Someone Say Festival?...Basically, our manager came up with the idea of dressing up in festival gear for the weekend as we are all feeling the Glastonbury blues. I was a little hesitant as to what to wear seeing as I knew I would be quite chilly inside due to our over …

Pink Tee ;Day 31

Pink Tee

Ok! Basic pink t-shirt paired with my vintage style high waisted jeans. What could be simpler? 

Probably one of the oldest outfit idea's in the books yet still going strong years and years later. The t-shirt itself is a Primark goldie, one of those finds in the store that you're still thankful to this day for. A sheer material so keeping those white bra's/bandeau's handy! 

The jeans are of course one's I blabbed on about before. My Topshop Joni's!! Loving the high waisted style at the moment! Why would you not want jeans that are super flattering on the stomach? Every girls dreaaaaam!

Although these have absolutely, well and truely..


I'm still in love with them. It's like a love/hate relationship with these boots. But for now I will keep battling on with them until I break them down and officially own comfy boots. I've mentioned these in a previous post in case you wanted to check it out (here)

Plus.. someone please remind me…

Working On It ;Day 30

Working On ItAs I mentioned in my previous post I have actually filmed a haul video! (wooohoo) And now I'm just going through the process of editing the footage and hopefully finding some soothing music to help you through the length of the video. 

This will be my first every attempt of a clothing haul so please... no hate! It's not something I'm used to as I have made previous videos in the past but based around more comical themes. I'm no expert!!

But that is why I'm working on it.

Outfit of the day?..

Here it is folks!! Cream blouse from Topshop, currently in the sale for £20 say whaaaat?! 

A really light blouse with little gold buttons just to add a little elegance to such a basic garment. However extremely see through so a white bra or bandeau is vital!

Paired up with a pair of maroon leggings that are very convincing jeans. Love these little babies! Anything that is the comfy version of the real thing is heaven sent.

I will avoid jeans as much as a I can in exchang…

Blue Patterns ;Day 29

Blue Patterns
I'm not becoming very imaginative with my post titles.. sorry. I can't use big fancy, creative names, they terrify me. Totally kidding.. I just can't think of any.

Okay. Well after that rather weird and awkward introduction.. let's get to the main point, Outfit of the day!


.. patterns galore! Loving this cami top from Primark. I believe it was £4? Must have been some kind of sick joke. It's one of my favourite tops of all time!! 

As my plans today consisted of babysitting.. and more Netflix, I decided that I wouldn't bother with make-up or anything fancy. Hence why my face is a no show in these photo's! I know I blabbed on about confidence (check it out here) in a previous post but I just didn't feel the world was ready to see my bare face all over the internet. 

I stuck with my comfy wet look leggings to spice up the attire with an urban feel and then of course my lovely faux converse. Another Primark bargain[:


.. for extra warmth (as…

Festival Attire ;Day 28

Festival Attire
Today was another slobbish day of lazying around on the sofa and working my way through a packet of mini rolls and season 3 of The Real Housewives of New York. I also designed a few outfit ideas for any of you lucky lot heading for Glastonbury Festival this week!

  Outfit One;

Kimono - NordstromShorts-TopshopWellies-The HutBralet-NewLookHead Band-Urban Outfitters

My first festival inspired outfit was based around this incredibly beautiful kimono, which I believe is now 40% off its original price. It's just amazing to look at with all its patterns and glory!! I then chose these ridiculously bright wellies to bring the slight hint of pink out in the kimono. And of course.. the classic flower headband just screams festival baby!

  Outfit Two;

           Playsuit-River IslandShirt-NewLookWellies-Wellie Web Hat- H&MNecklace- Forever 21
My second attire is based around this Aztec pattern playsuit, a very boho inspired piece. Just in case there's any of the windy chills …

Dry Shampoo & Owls ;Day 27

Dry Shampoo & OwlsRandom title I know, but I decided to declare my love for dry shampoo. I mean come on, what other kind of God-sent invention exists on this planet in a small can? I've just set a challenge for you to find something of this description! Best of luck.

But in all honestly those days where your hair is in between washes or you just haven't even bothered to shove it over the bath tub.. this is all you need. Also most of the brands you can buy now smell amazing!! Mm sweet smelling hair.

Don't feel like you're being gross and dirty by skipping the occasional hair washing date. It's not the end of the world!! And sometimes it's good to let your hair go greasy (there is a line though) so that the natrual oils can do their magic.

..Two of my drug store favourites have to be;

Moving on..  Owls? Well, the reason behind this was because I was being unimaginative with my choice of titles. I found my rather adorable owl pendant from Forever 21 and decided it …

Aztec Patterns ;Day 26

Aztec Patterns

Embracing the Aztec prints once again. How can I resist these harem style trousers with a tribal pattern so vivid it can be almost bring pain to the eyes?! So so comfy and yet so sophisticated. Perfect for a days work! Of course my main aim is comfort when choosing my daily outfits, which is why I paired today's with a deep purple coloured jumper. The material itself is a Jersey texture and a very over-sized cut. I'm beginning to fall in love with everything over-sized once again?.. 

Of course I couldn't be anywhere without a pair of trusted boots. So ideal all year round and still one of the comfiest types of shoes on the high street. These are my new babies from the Topshop sale, £35 ..


Although there is the trouble of the 'brand new shoe' blisters, I'm slowly braking these bad boys in. Also the heel is a perfect height so you won't be braking no ankles in these. 

I also then added a long gold necklace in a similar shape…

Confidence ;Day 25

ConfidenceNot something that comes too frequently for me but something I feel we all should have. As you can probably guess this wont be an 'outfit of the day' post but more a little chin-wag that I want to share with you lovely lot about something that's been puzzling me lately..

As I am a keen social net-worker and a love of all things social media, I've started noticing an occurrence on a lot of these sites. 

Why does it seem that when someone says something good about themselves they're almost shot down by comments claiming to be 'vain' or 'up themselves'?

.. And I thought about it pretty hard last night but this really does make sense why confidence and self belief is becoming almost extinct? How can we feel good about ourselves if we're always conscious of how we will come across to other people?

Embrace ItAs I've grown up I've become a lot happier as myself. At first I was a pretty awkward kid who kept opinions to myself and never eve…

IOW Festival ;Day 24

Isle Of Wight Festival 
So.. as promised in my previous entry I will dedicate this blog post to my time in the Isle of Wight! Veeeeeeery exciting stuff.

I think the photo's should sum up my experience! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.. especially if they're Instagram edited!! So therefore, here are just a few snap shots I took with my phone to represent the atmosphere of those beautiful four days[:

Why?!Why the Isle of Wight festival? Basically, me and my friend Phoebe decided that we wanted to be those crazy kids who have a festival filled summer but we couldn't decide whether to spend a small fortune on the tickets. Then, after some much needed website stalking we discovered the genius idea of working at them instead!! 

 Phoebe collecting cups after a sugar rush of slush puppies. Every cup was worth 10p in a recycle marquee. What?!After a crazy coach/ferry journey to the Isle of Wight we managed to pitch our tent in ridiculous gale force winds (God only knows…