Wad'up Africa; Day 3


Why Africa? Because my outfit of today is inspired by the trend currently making a statement in Topshop, Safari. Based on animal prints, Aztec patterns, earthy&tribal colour's and statement pieces, this trend is one to make mouths drool!

I love to wear bold colour's this spring (supposedly summer?!) and what better way to warm up this dull weather than being ever so daring and go for the colours that are currently frowned upon?!


I have chosen a cropped, almost crochet patterned, yellow top and paired it with simple high waisted black jeans (Yes, I've realised most of my posts involve black bottoms, oops!) I then added final details of a green, light weight mac in an gorgeous earthy green colour, which really brings the safari trend to life! (Just add an Indiana Jones hat!!) And lastly, my black studded slip on's. 

This look worked so well when running around at work seeing as I wasn't layered up or wearing anything too heavy. Added bonuses all round!!

      I decided on adding a couple of delicate charm necklaces to just accessorize the outfit a little.. and how can we go wrong with a little sparkle?!

Top- NewLook   Jeans- Topshop   Shoes- Topshop   Mac- Topshop

Ch'all for now! Peace&Love xoxox


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