London Town ;Day 8

London Town!!

Today was an amazing day! I finally met my cousin from Louisiana (U.S.A) who I haven't seen since.. I don't even know. One big cousin reunion was on the cards today and we were accompanied with a lot of alcohol and memories to insure it was a BLAST!

*Pictures to follow!*

Typical British weather hit hard today. Just as we were beginning to enjoy the wonderful summer sun it then went.. and .. down poured. Boooooooooooo! So, it was back to the Parker coats, Macs and umbrella's whilst we all moan about how horrific the weather is in our typical British way.


I kept it simple with today's outfit as I knew I would be smothered in a huge blag Parker coat anyway. Blah! A cosy, over-sized cream jumper was the perfect buddy today as the nippy cold air had picked up again. How can you go wrong with a simple, warm knitted jumper? Impossible! Practical and beautiful.

I then wore burgundy jeggings as again they were too comfortable to pass. Plus, by rolling up the bottoms a couple of times it just adds a slight 'edge' to the outfit. I then added grainy grey socks and black heeled boots to keep my toots nice and dry[:

A gold necklace was my key accessory today, which had tiny gold chain detail to create a bold piece. I then added to the gold theme further by accompanying it with a few gold rings and of course a midi-ring because.. well, they're just too adorable!


 This look was perfect for the day we had planned. Technically we ended up doing a bit of a pub crawl around Leicester Square, so being able to be comfortable and toasty was key for just being able to relax and chill out with the family. Luckily, Chelsea style boots with or without a heel are ridiculously comfy. So, being able to walk around all day without the fear of sore feet is such a bonus! Plus they keep those toes dry and they even give the illusion that you have longer legs! What more could you want with a pair of simple black boots?!!!

Jumper- Topshop    Jeggings- Topshop    Boots- NewLook    Necklace- Topshop 

Ch'all for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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