I Can Hear The Bells? ;Day 7

I Can Hear The Bells?

Look what I found.. My Gran-Mama's wedding dress! I decided now that I'm 20 I could probably squeeze into this little number. I have a big soft spot for wedding dresses, the one dress you supposedly only wear once yet probably the most expensive. I couldn't wait any longer until my actual wedding day (which is probably a while off anyhow) so why not try on the next best thing?!

So, your wedding day is meant the be the best day of your life? And I guess it should be. You're marrying the love of your life, you have basically a huge bad ass party which no matter how drunk you get you will always be out done by a long lost Uncle, you get to design the ultimate dream cake, you become weighed down by a ridiculously beautiful ring and you get to become the Princess every young girl once dreamed of becoming.. move outt'a the way Cinderella!

The dress itself has run in the family for two generations, first my Gran's and then my Mama's. The design is so simple yet so so gorgeous. Embroidery and paneling is the key feature for (what I believe) the so called Angel Skin Silk to really show its beauty. 

The neck line is a traditional V structure, which then scoops under the bust, making sure you get that all important lift as the no-bra concept is essential for this dress. Not something I was too comfortable with to begin with but once you've squeezed and pulled yourself in, you end up so compressed NOTHING will be moving. 

As soon as I have the guts to attempt wedding dress window shopping, I will find new designs and god-sent dresses to gush over. More lace is needed for my liking! But as far as the family dress goes I would happily walk this beauty down the aisle. 

I just thought I would share this family memorabilia with you lovely lot[: It's worth having a rummage through the loft or old cupboards to track down dresses/clothes from the past as who can't resist a good old game of dressing up? Us Actresses can't get enough of the stuff!

Ch'all for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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