Hey Double Figures ;Day 10

Hey Double Figures

We've hit double figures! Wohooo! Big old number 10.. I actually stuck with something for more than a couple of days.. Da' heck?! *celebrationssssss*

A little bit of a lighter blog post today than my previous one. The famous 'outfit of the day' post is here! Once again, struck with the hideous sight of cloudy skies and rain.. lot's of it. So let's make use of the those coats/jackets/umbrella's and accessories the hell out of them to make us a little less miserable like the weather. (I told you I talk about the weather a lot!)

 Today, I had no choice but to wear a jacket so I opted for my faux black leather one with gold studs on the shoulders. This jacket is so light weight that it doesn't feel like a ridiculously heavy layer yet is still really warm and keeps you dry.  Essential in this weather!!

I paired a pleated light peachy coloured sleeveless blouse with casual jeans and brown brogue shoes. Extremely simple but practical for a day of working and making leaps of faith from the rain.

 I stuck with gold jewellery to complete this look as I had a lot of golden detailing to my outfit already. I don't mind mixing my gold and silver accessories but I do often find myself sticking with one or the other. Completely your choice[:

I find that detailing to clothes also adds to an outfit and helps you avoid accessorizing if you're in a rush or unable to decide what would work well. Pleats and floral patterns are amazing at adding that much loved detail and make a simple outfit stand out. They also go with pretty much anything, which is such a bonus when your short on time or having a day where the washing machines decided to swallow your closet up?!

Plus how can we go wrong with jeans?! Comfy, practical, multi-purpose beauty's! Why wouldn't you have an item that can go with just about everything for every occasion in your wardobe? It would be crazy not to.

Top- Topshop   Jacket- Boohoo   Jeans- Forever 21   Shoes- NewLook

Ch'all for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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