Compromising and Tartan ;Day 11

Compromising and Tartan

 Well, the tartan is clearly explained in my outfit of today. Lightweight, stretchy, comfortable and a hint of Scottish just about sums up my choice of leggings today. This weather has finally lifted the hideous clouds and with it comes the beautiful sunshine and happy spirits. Also it's payday, which obviously helped the outcome of smiles everywhere!!

Today's attire was built around my statement leggings. I love pattern and I don't care that it can sometimes be frowned upon. Why worry about what people think if something makes you happy?! And I think in honor of the weather the leggings deserved to be paraded around. 

I added a black scallop cut top to compliment the black in my leggings and also not to add to much crazy-ness to the look. I thought that the design of the top would be cool and breezy in the weather and during my shift because of the lack of A/C at work. 


My converse style trainers then added a casual and summery twist and we all know how comfortable trainers are! 

 The finishing touches? .. You can probably all guess by now it had to be my gold jewellery. I found a couple of gold charm necklaces to add different lengths and I also tried on my new 'Sagittarius' charm necklace, which I bought from Miss Selfridge the other day (£2 in the sale.. BARGAIN?!) I love little charm necklaces as they really add cute and small details to such simple tops or are even just a personal touch depending what the charms mean to you.

And Compromising?

I'm not sure why I decided to add this into my post, but I thought it was just a handy trick that I've become much more aware of doing on a daily basis. I am not a keen healthy eater and I am aware that 99% of the foods I eat aren't exactly.. well.. doing me any good. But recently I've decided on compramising something healthy and pairing with something unhealthy. 

For example, my dinner I made tonight wasn't exactly healthy on it's own. I didn't really feel like making pasta or anything too exquisite so and I was really craving chips. So I cooked myself my chips, added cheese (because I'm hideously British like that!) and then decided to combine it with a healthy salad. So, when making an unhealthy choice I pair it with something healthy so that it isn't too bad? 

Or if I was eating breakfast and I really fancied a rice pudding (Don't ask.. I'm weird) I would then chop some banana or strawberries into the pot just to make it a little less unhealthy and add one of my five a day! 

Little compromising changes like these really help you satisfy your taste buds but at the same time get some of the good stuff into your body. I also stick to one can of cola a day (drunk with a straw to avoid the sugar rotting my teeth) but then the rest of the day I'll drink water to compromise the bad stuff with the good? I feel these little changes really work for me but hey.. I'm not expert!!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox



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