Booty Fair!! ;Day 6

Booty Fair!!

The American's call it a Flea Market and us Brit's call it a 'Boot Fair'. Either way we're selling junk for dollar! I love my boot fair's, so many hidden gems in such a big open field. Plus, we had beeeeeautiful weather on our side, bringing in the customers.

A 5:30am start (gaah!) meant packing everything up to drive over to my friend, Phoebe's with only an apple and water for breaky. I never seem to want to eat so early in the mornings but I ALWAYS regret it later (especially as there was a chippy van!).

My girls, Phoebe and Jem by our make shift stall. I think if we made a band this would be our first album cover. So retro!

Car boot fair's are an amazing way of selling unwanted items, making some well deserved money and of course the experience can be pretty awesome, yes boring at times, but if you really think about it where do we have community spirit like this anymore? Out in the countryside it's not very often we have social events like this, so a car booty is a great way to bring it all back. Plus, there's often a doughnut seller and even a CANDY FLOSS STALL?!

Spending the day with two of my favorite girls whilst making money AND making space for new items (because let's face it, we only clear out for those brand new season trends to sit comfy in our wardrobes..) was a perfect way to spend a Sunday. 

Sadly, I did have to scoot off to work soon after, which wasn't the best idea as I seemed to be completely shattered. 

We're becoming quite pro's at this whole selling the junk in our trunks?.. 

So find your nearest Car Bootfair, collect all those dusty old objects/clothes that really aren't doing any good sitting around or in storage and take them along to the nearest boot fair, as who knows, that old cat ornament that was your Grandma's, Great Nan's, Uncle's- could be someone's new dearest possession?

Plus, it's a brilliant way of picking up new vintage pieces such as scarfs, broaches, rings and even storage pieces. Satchels are another amazing find! You can get your hands on classic styles with a good, sturdy quality for a couple of pounds. As they were probably buried at the bottom of someone's closet the chance's are you'll be one of a kind with your friends[:

*Oh and do ask if anyone was fond of something before selling it for a couple of quid, the distress of selling someone's prized possession is NOT worth it!.. TRUST!

Cha'll for now. Peace&Love xoxox


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