Ah Mann.. ;Day 4

Ah Mann...

Something slightly different to my usual posts, but hopefully read-able?..

Okay, so tell me I cannot be alone with my frustration that I shall explain as briefly as I can (I know some people plan to do other things with their evenings tonight). So basically, I bought a rather beautiful pair of patterned trousers from Forever 21 (whom I'm obsessed with, Holla!) and me being classic me decided I didn't want to wear them straight away so why not leave them in the bag for no reason at all.. sitting on my bed post. 

It was only until 18 days later (yes, I calculated how long ago I bought them via the receipt, cue crazy lady!) that I decided yesterday would be the perfect perfect day to wear them to work. Amazing day with the loves of my life I would just like to add. And then I realised, whilst on the phone to the bezzie, they had a hole in the crotch. 

SOOOOO.. Clearly I had been parading around all day with my undies on display and feeling on top of the world from all of the compliments I received for my lovely trousers. Dayuu'mmm!

To Sow Or Not To Sow?...

 So, should I put my feminine skills to the test and attempt to fix this hole? Or do I dare hassle back to the store and ask for an exchange (which happens to be an hours drive away). Mama persuaded me to take them back (which, weirdly I rarely do) and I managed not only to get an exchange, but for an pair of slightly cheaper and in fact nicer versions of the ones I originally purchased. Result?! Plusssss a £4 refund which went nicely towards my Nando's dinner. Lucky for me, I had a really lovely cashier who was so helpful and told me that in fact they had several of the same trousers with holes in them. Boo!    

The Moral?..

Check every inch of those god-sent trousers before you make any kind of purchase! You never know what hideous flaw that may be hidden in some crazy pattern or dodgy stitching. But honestly, it saves so much hassle just giving it a once over before buying otherwise you then have to hunt down the receipt, which is most likely the one you decided to spit your gum into.


Ch'all for now, Peace&Love xoxox 



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