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Compromising and Tartan ;Day 11

Compromising and TartanWell, the tartan is clearly explained in my outfit of today. Lightweight, stretchy, comfortable and a hint of Scottish just about sums up my choice of leggings today. This weather has finally lifted the hideous clouds and with it comes the beautiful sunshine and happy spirits. Also it's payday, which obviously helped the outcome of smiles everywhere!!

Today's attire was built around my statement leggings. I love pattern and I don't care that it can sometimes be frowned upon. Why worry about what people think if something makes you happy?! And I think in honor of the weather the leggings deserved to be paraded around. 

I added a black scallop cut top to compliment the black in my leggings and also not to add to much crazy-ness to the look. I thought that the design of the top would be cool and breezy in the weather and during my shift because of the lack of A/C at work. 

My converse style trainers then added a casual and summery twist and we all know how…

Hey Double Figures ;Day 10

Hey Double FiguresWe've hit double figures! Wohooo! Big old number 10.. I actually stuck with something for more than a couple of days.. Da' heck?! *celebrationssssss*

A little bit of a lighter blog post today than my previous one. The famous 'outfit of the day' post is here! Once again, struck with the hideous sight of cloudy skies and rain.. lot's of it. So let's make use of the those coats/jackets/umbrella's and accessories the hell out of them to make us a little less miserable like the weather. (I told you I talk about the weather a lot!)

Today, I had no choice but to wear a jacket so I opted for my faux black leather one with gold studs on the shoulders. This jacket is so light weight that it doesn't feel like a ridiculously heavy layer yet is still really warm and keeps you dry.  Essential in this weather!!

I paired a pleated light peachy coloured sleeveless blouse with casual jeans and brown brogue shoes. Extremely simple but practical for a day of…

This Is Me ;Day 9

This Is Me.I thought seeing as I have started this exciting journey of blogging then I should tell you a little more about myself, seeing as I've been banging on about 'outfits' and 'weather' throughout my previous posts.

I'm an Actress. An aspiring one. What ever aspiring means? To me it's wanting something so bad that you fight and give everything to achieve what you want. I've always been a comical character and I love to entertain. Since I was little I've always been a big fan of dressing up and pretending to be other people (I was obsessed with playing 'Mums and Dads' in the playground) so I've decided to switch it up a notch and hopefully perform in front of the camera. Trading Disney princess dresses for Elizabethan frocks!

Why?So why pick possibly one of the hardest career's to succeed in? Because I'm one of those people who believes if you want something so bad, there's a way to make it work. I swear by this and I real…

London Town ;Day 8

London Town!!

Today was an amazing day! I finally met my cousin from Louisiana (U.S.A) who I haven't seen since.. I don't even know. One big cousin reunion was on the cards today and we were accompanied with a lot of alcohol and memories to insure it was a BLAST!

*Pictures to follow!*

Typical British weather hit hard today. Just as we were beginning to enjoy the wonderful summer sun it then went.. and .. down poured. Boooooooooooo! So, it was back to the Parker coats, Macs and umbrella's whilst we all moan about how horrific the weather is in our typical British way.

I kept it simple with today's outfit as I knew I would be smothered in a huge blag Parker coat anyway. Blah! A cosy, over-sized cream jumper was the perfect buddy today as the nippy cold air had picked up again. How can you go wrong with a simple, warm knitted jumper? Impossible! Practical and beautiful.

I then wore burgundy jeggings as again they were too comfortable to pass. Plus, by rolling up the bottoms a …

I Can Hear The Bells? ;Day 7

I Can Hear The Bells?
Look what I found.. My Gran-Mama's wedding dress! I decided now that I'm 20 I could probably squeeze into this little number. I have a big soft spot for wedding dresses, the one dress you supposedly only wear once yet probably the most expensive. I couldn't wait any longer until my actual wedding day (which is probably a while off anyhow) so why not try on the next best thing?!

So, your wedding day is meant the be the best day of your life? And I guess it should be. You're marrying the love of your life, you have basically a huge bad ass party which no matter how drunk you get you will always be out done by a long lost Uncle, you get to design the ultimate dream cake, you become weighed down by a ridiculously beautiful ring and you get to become the Princess every young girl once dreamed of becoming.. move outt'a the way Cinderella!

The dress itself has run in the family for two generations, first my Gran's and then my Mama's. The design …

Booty Fair!! ;Day 6

Booty Fair!! The American's call it a Flea Market and us Brit's call it a 'Boot Fair'. Either way we're selling junk for dollar! I love my boot fair's, so many hidden gems in such a big open field. Plus, we had beeeeeautiful weather on our side, bringing in the customers.

A 5:30am start (gaah!) meant packing everything up to drive over to my friend, Phoebe's with only an apple and water for breaky. I never seem to want to eat so early in the mornings but I ALWAYS regret it later (especially as there was a chippy van!).

My girls, Phoebe and Jem by our make shift stall. I think if we made a band this would be our first album cover. So retro!
Car boot fair's are an amazing way of selling unwanted items, making some well deserved money and of course the experience can be pretty awesome, yes boring at times, but if you really think about it where do we have community spirit like this anymore? Out in the countryside it's not very often we have social events …

Could This Be .. Sunnn?! ;Day 5

Could This Be .. Sunnn?! Folks, this could be the start of our British summer. I don't want to speculate anything but I think this may be it. Let's keep those fingers crossed for some more gorgeous weather!

So what did I wear to celebrate a hint of sunshine? As I am a big fan of the patterned harem styled trousers right now, I decided that this would be a good time to whip them out of the closet. I can't tell you how good it felt to wear such a light weight material and not fear that I will be freezing my tootsies off later. 
*Please excuse the teddy*.. He decided to make several appearances in my snap shots. 
I chose a cropped over-sized tee, which left a comfortable (not a ridiculous amount) of my belly showing as I'm not exactly the most confident girl out there. The trousers were a light silky material with a shield like pattern on them? Almost an Aztec design, and we all know I love my patterns.

I accessorized this outfit with a simple gold necklace, almost complimenti…

Ah Mann.. ;Day 4

Ah Mann...Something slightly different to my usual posts, but hopefully read-able?..

Okay, so tell me I cannot be alone with my frustration that I shall explain as briefly as I can (I know some people plan to do other things with their evenings tonight). So basically, I bought a rather beautiful pair of patterned trousers from Forever 21 (whom I'm obsessed with, Holla!) and me being classic me decided I didn't want to wear them straight away so why not leave them in the bag for no reason at all.. sitting on my bed post. 

It was only until 18 days later (yes, I calculated how long ago I bought them via the receipt, cue crazy lady!) that I decided yesterday would be the perfect perfect day to wear them to work. Amazing day with the loves of my life I would just like to add. And then I realised, whilst on the phone to the bezzie, they had a hole in the crotch. 

SOOOOO.. Clearly I had been parading around all day with my undies on display and feeling on top of the world from all of …

Wad'up Africa; Day 3

WAD'UP AFRICA?!Why Africa? Because my outfit of today is inspired by the trend currently making a statement in Topshop, Safari. Based on animal prints, Aztec patterns, earthy&tribal colour's and statement pieces, this trend is one to make mouths drool!

I love to wear bold colour's this spring (supposedly summer?!) and what better way towarm up this dull weather thanbeing ever so daring and go for the colours that are currently frowned upon?!