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A Lonesome Lockdown

On the 5th November, England was shunted into another national lockdown (yey!🙄) & this time it meant I was going at it alone up in my humble abode in Manchester. In all honesty, for someone who thrives in their own space & has a a short fuse for socialising.. it could be a heck of a lot worse. I'm also finding this lockdown super contrasting to the last one back at the start of the Summer - there seems to be a far more chilled vibe accompanying this one & the general moral is pretty chirpy, considering thousands are without work right now. That's one of my top highlights for loving the North, the community spirit is NEVER dampened!  Even strolling the streets with a steaming americano (+ a dollop of caramel syrup!) in hand, you can easily notice the vibe is far more chilled compared to the panic & caution last time. If anything, it feels like a bank holiday, noticeably calmer but still a slight hustle. I felt physically sick at the idea of another lockdown, a f

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