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A Little Update..

Hello! Not quite sure where the heck the time has flown to but here we are, approaching the one year mark since I made the move to Manchester from little old Sussex. It's honestly been a whirlwind!🤯 but most definitely one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. It's insane how quickly you slot into a new routine, new surroundings & a totally brand spanking new lifestyle. I'd never considered myself to be a 'city gal' but again, here we are. I'd grown up a bit of a country bumpkin, fields left right & centre & the roads mainly consisted of twists & turns, with the occasional near death experience of a woodland animal as it lurks on a bend. But the city centre is a total contrast!  As a single 28 year old woman, I'm here for contrast. Ah yes, the dating life.. shall we touch on that? So I've bagged myself a total of 4 dates so far in my time up North. Each one super confused as the last at how a Southerner has somehow landed up in M

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