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The Dating App Stigma

Who doesn't love the idea of a cheesy rom'com scene falling into place whilst grabbing a flat white to go? You know the ones where the two love stricken characters lock eyes whilst they clumsily stumble into each other, flat white goes flying, it's probably chucking it down & someone smacks that much adored slow'mo button. Get my drift? 

Yeah, it doesn't happen. 

You're more likely to be harassed by a handful of genital pic's - not saying that there's anything wrong with that, whatever floats your boat.

& for some reason, dating apps & those genital pic's often fall hand in hand stereotypically. I can assure you this is not always the case. Yes, you can obviously choose to send nudes if you desire on such apps but this isn't the guaranteed scenario. 

I don't think I've actually EVER been sent a nude during my online dating journey..

Nor have I ever sent one 🙃(dw mum).

Anyway, in a nutshell dating apps always have a trail of bad re…

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