Nailing The Backpack - Gaston Luga

Let's talk about swanky accessories shall we? When you get your mitts on a glorious backpack that doubles up as a Tardis whilst oozing elegance & chic, you'd obviously be raving about it from the hills.

For me, backpacks are my comfort & trusty go-to when it comes to the humungous variety of bag styles we have to pick from. They're comfortable for all day swinging on the back, you can store a ridiculous amount of unnecessary crap in them & they are ideal for the everyday commute/running around like a headless chicken.
Whilst touring, I swore by my cheap'ol Primark backpack, which I certainly ran & dragged terribly into the ground. Therefore, when Gaston Luga stumbled into my inbox asking if I would be interested in a collaboration, I felt like the Accessory God's had answered my 'search-for-backpack-number-2' prayers.
I always like to do my homework thoroughly on a brand & Gaston Luga did not disappoint one bit. Their products are simply di…

6 Months Single

No word of a lie - these types of posts are absolutely TERRIFYING to publish. For me, I'm spilling a limited amount of raw emotion into an teeny online space & confronting some cold, hard realities.. 

.. but at the same time, I think it's a healthy way to reflect & lift some of that emotional weight that's been lingering for a little while now. 

So, 6 months single.

In all honesty it doesn't feel like it's even been 6 weeks. If you're new here (hi!), a quick summary is that my boyfriend & I of just over two years broke up back in January & since then it's been a whirlwind of weirdness & mind f*cks to say the least.

Lucky for me, I had an insanely wonderful escape route in the form of working abroad that slotted in a perfect a fortnight after the initial break up. I will forever be thankful of my Spanish adventure popping up at such a needed moment.
After the break up, I was petrified of being by myself & falling back into the 'single&…

The Three Iconic Skirts

Hello beautiful! How's your weekend treating you so far? On the old blog today, I'm nattering all about the three staples of the skirting world.. & we're not talking about carpentry here.
Nope - I'm chatting all about the Mini, Midi & Maxi, three iconic skirts that have had their fair few tragedies & hits throughout the eras but have always stuck by our wardrobes never the less.
Within these three skirts there are of course many different subcategories that delve deeper into silhouettes & styles, which I do touch on a smidge. However, I wanted to mainly focus on the motherships & therefore I'm keeping it all so simple & sticking with the big guns. So, here we have the Mini, Midi & Maxi.. *applause*

Whether it's a-line or pencil, a mini skirt is an all time classic & feature's as a statement piece throughout many a timewarp, popping up from the beloved 60's right through to the present day. 

The endless detail & f…

The Content Filtering Fear

A very happy post Bank Holiday if you were jammy enough to have a long old weekend stuck in a beer garden somewhere, slurping away on something fruity & bubbly. I however, have smashed my Bank Holiday allowances out in Spain & therefore lucked out such a weekend, but we did have a 24 hour stint in the incredible city of Barcelona, so I guess I drew a pretty sweet straw. 

Let's have a natter about our content filtering, shall we? I had thought about typing something similar to this post for a wee while but only recently have I felt the full effects & therefore passionate enough to create a blog post.
So what is content filtering? Well, it's a name I've sort of concocted in my brain for something that I'm sure we've all experienced at one point or another. But for example, ever wanted to post a photo on Instagram but not felt it would be received well by your 'audience'? 

Or how about a Tweet that you feel would ruffle a few too many feathers than yo…

Tales Of A Paranoid Girl; Sticking It Out In Spain

Hey up stranger! Where have you been I hear you ask? Well - it appears I have been indulging far too deeply in the endless scrummy tapas & guzzling one too many Radlers, which I am horrified to discover are not a 'thing' back in the UK. 

If you're slightly clueless (as I too was) to what the heck a Radler is, it's basically lager & Fanta lemon mixed into one genius concoction. Super refreshing & super deadly as it tastes like miracle juice!

So, I've decided to stick it out in Spain for a further 8 months.
The faaaack?! This paranoid peach is remaining chain free from her comfort zone & continuing to tackle one heck of a ginormous adventure.
It's certainly something I never thought I'd be typing up..
In all honesty I had a total 'fuck it' moment & decided that there is pretty much nothing desperately calling me back to home, other than missing my pooch. I don't have a relationship to butter up, my friends & I are a Whats App aw…

Walking Away From A Relationship

Let's just cut to the nitty gritty shall we? Just over two months ago it was a mutual decision for my boyfriend (at the time) and myself to end our relationship of two & a bit years. & yup, it was a pretty shitty time in all honesty. 

There's nothing to sugar coat! 

I had mentioned in a previous blog post that there had been a bit of a shit turn of events but it was far too raw & fresh to start serving out any details so soon. This post isn't going to be a dirt dishing affair as I haven't sunk to that level & nor do I believe it would be fair.

He's not a bad person & he's not solely to blame.

I've also finally perched at a reasonably 'good' part of the break up process & I can now get through several days at a time without belting out to Alanis Morissette, who has been my absolute savior! 
I couldn't recommend 'You Oughta Know' enough if you fancy screaming something extra sassy.

Therefore, I now feel it would be a fair…