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Let's Talk Loungewear - FEMME LUXE (Gifted)

I think we can all agree that loungewear has sky rocketed to our number one #ootd choice whilst strutting from fridge to sofa during this lockdown. It's comfort, it's stretchy & it looks like you've made a crack at getting dressed for the day. 

So, when Femme Luxe VERY kindly offered to send me a couple of their loungewear pieces, you can only half imagine my pounce at the gesture. I thought loungewear could be the perfect plan to physically tear myself apart from my beloved pyjamas. 

.. & boy was I right.

I finish pouring half a pint of caffeine down my gullet, I throw off the pj's, hop into the shower & then scramble back into a fabulous state of comfort.. hello matching two piece.
I decided to opt for the Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear, a style that isn't usually my 'thang'. Deep v -neckline, a leggings combo & a ribbed fabric finish.. plus, I chose the colour black.
U ok hun?
However, I'm here for it. Like really here for it.

The second gar…

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