The Content Filtering Fear

A very happy post Bank Holiday if you were jammy enough to have a long old weekend stuck in a beer garden somewhere, slurping away on something fruity & bubbly. I however, have smashed my Bank Holiday allowances out in Spain & therefore lucked out such a weekend, but we did have a 24 hour stint in the incredible city of Barcelona, so I guess I drew a pretty sweet straw. 

Let's have a natter about our content filtering, shall we? I had thought about typing something similar to this post for a wee while but only recently have I felt the full effects & therefore passionate enough to create a blog post.
So what is content filtering? Well, it's a name I've sort of concocted in my brain for something that I'm sure we've all experienced at one point or another. But for example, ever wanted to post a photo on Instagram but not felt it would be received well by your 'audience'? 

Or how about a Tweet that you feel would ruffle a few too many feathers than yo…

Tales Of A Paranoid Girl; Sticking It Out In Spain

Hey up stranger! Where have you been I hear you ask? Well - it appears I have been indulging far too deeply in the endless scrummy tapas & guzzling one too many Radlers, which I am horrified to discover are not a 'thing' back in the UK. 

If you're slightly clueless (as I too was) to what the heck a Radler is, it's basically lager & Fanta lemon mixed into one genius concoction. Super refreshing & super deadly as it tastes like miracle juice!

So, I've decided to stick it out in Spain for a further 8 months.
The faaaack?! This paranoid peach is remaining chain free from her comfort zone & continuing to tackle one heck of a ginormous adventure.
It's certainly something I never thought I'd be typing up..
In all honesty I had a total 'fuck it' moment & decided that there is pretty much nothing desperately calling me back to home, other than missing my pooch. I don't have a relationship to butter up, my friends & I are a Whats App aw…

Walking Away From A Relationship

Let's just cut to the nitty gritty shall we? Just over two months ago it was a mutual decision for my boyfriend (at the time) and myself to end our relationship of two & a bit years. & yup, it was a pretty shitty time in all honesty. 

There's nothing to sugar coat! 

I had mentioned in a previous blog post that there had been a bit of a shit turn of events but it was far too raw & fresh to start serving out any details so soon. This post isn't going to be a dirt dishing affair as I haven't sunk to that level & nor do I believe it would be fair.

He's not a bad person & he's not solely to blame.

I've also finally perched at a reasonably 'good' part of the break up process & I can now get through several days at a time without belting out to Alanis Morissette, who has been my absolute savior! 
I couldn't recommend 'You Oughta Know' enough if you fancy screaming something extra sassy.

Therefore, I now feel it would be a fair…

Uprooting From The Comfort Zone

You may have guessed from my Instagram that I currently am not based in the UK, but in fact sunny Spain! & boy, is it a gorgeous country. If you're unaware of this change, then I am baffled that you have escaped the constant spam from my social media of all things glorious & Spanish. 
& if you're not following me at all, do behave & go give me a cheeky follow? Taaa very much..

So why Spain, eh? Well, I am actually working for a Spanish theatre company who specialize in bringing the magic of performance to schools within & around Valencia.
It's actually going pretty swell to say the least, I've eaten a fair share of local paella & guzzled far too many 'radlers', which are lager & lemon soda mixed together into one refreshing concoction.

The shows themselves are sweaty, chaotic & of course unbelievably rewarding.
Whenever I am fortunate enough to bag a performing contract, I'm always reminded why I continue to pursue acting as a pro…

Dreading Valentines Day After A Break Up

Woohoo! It's that time of the month (not that time) where I concoct together a little post for my much neglected blog. In all fairness, I feel I have a fairly decent excuse this time as I'm currently preparing my life for a whole 5 months living & working out in Spain, I mean.. is that a decent excuse? Probably not to be fair..
Let's approach the elephant in the room shall we? The dreaded Valentines Day ordeal. In recent years it's become a celebratory day for love in general, whether that's love for your pal's, your parent's or the boy down the street who has no idea you exist but you stalk his profile on a daily basis. 

Hey Jimmy, hope your cat's doing well & the media degree is going swimmingly.. (100% kidding).

Whilst scrolling through my archived stories on Instagram I realized the looming date of February the 14th.. which is tomorrow?! I thought this could be a perfect time to address the fact that this will be the first Valentines Day in a c…